Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

Emma Paul creates all types of swimming pools (Skimmer – Over Flow – Horizon) at the best prices.

• Iskimer bath: It is a system of simple swimming pools, which consists of the basic body of the bath in addition to the room machines and regular finishes of ceramics and dc and accessories of the entrances Vakomium and Inlet and Drain and Askimer, which is called the bathroom as it returns the water from the bath to the filtration filter in the room Pumps.

· More Floo Bathrooms: The water level is high to the highest point and the outer shape is better where the bathroom is full of the other. It also hears the water purifier (the overflowing sewer). This type of bath is named after it. It also has the largest area but it needs a balancing tank next to it. Room pumps, but it is a bathroom of aesthetic shapes and taste.

· Horizon baths: This type depends on the visual illusion of the landscape and the so-called this type of bathrooms with this name also features the magnificence of the view from the near and the pictures show that it is similar to the larger, but in terms of the need for a balance tank and a giant galaxy, but differs in the form of Design and direction of the course.
· Swimming Pools: A modern and innovative swimming pool, a swimming pool that is aesthetically pleasing, attractive and at the same time inexpensive. It is based on an outdoor machine that is located at the edge of the pool 80 cm x 80 cm. Pump water into the swimming pool, and contribute to the creation of ripples on the surface of the swimming pool, which makes it more beautiful and makes swimming more enjoyable.

Our core geographical territory is Egypt, however, we are often invited to tender for projects outside Egypt and are happy to spread our expertise further afield!