Procurement and Sales

Procurement and Sales Swimming Pool

· Supplying all swimming pool, Jacuzzi & fountains (brooms, wall tiles, deep grids, flat net, vacuum hose, thermometer, floating fountains, stainless ladders)
· Supplying and installing sand filters, filter filter units and all their accessories (filter bags, inner & outer hoops, pistquet, cylinder, front cover, rear cover …).
· Supply and installation of swimming pools, fountains, Jacuzzi (halogen light + LED + all colors) and accessories (lamps, transceiver, lens).
· Supply and installation of pumps for swimming pools, fountains and jacuzzis of 1.5-2-3 hp – brands
· Supply and installation of all insulating materials and final form of swimming pool (Liner – Izmaldo – Ceramic – edge)

Our core geographical territory is Egypt, however, we are often invited to tender for projects outside Egypt and are happy to spread our expertise further afield!